julio 31, 2017


It is gratifying for us to inform that the AIT (Asian Institute of Ecology) received the last INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP IN SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT: INDIA – THAILAND 2015, in its facilities with an enriching contest of seminars that strengthened the subject matter on Smart Cities: Planning and Management of Historic Towns.

“Organized in collaboration with BURO DAP, a development, architecture and planning consultancy firm, the event focused on the theme: “Smart Cities, and Planning and Management of Historic Towns.”

Welcoming the participants, Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, Vice President for Research Development, stated that nearly half of the population of Thailand was urbanized. Urbanization has significant implications as they alter our consumption patterns, and it is important that we learn to preserve the past and build smarter cities, Prof. Yamamoto added.

“Planning and Management of Historic Towns in Thailand,” and “Heritage Conservation and Environmental Management” were the focus of two sessions which were chaired by Dr Sohee Kim of AIT and Dr. Mohammad Jawed, visiting faculty member at AIT”.

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