The beginning of this participatory and collaborative work between the International Organization Buro DAP (Development + Architecture + Planning) and the community of the neighborhood in mention establishes agreements of interinstitutional and international cooperation for an integral urban intervention on this territory that improves the conditions of life of the population and build capacity and empowerment in it. This process of participatory planning seeks to formulate a medium-term pilot plan for comprehensive neighborhood improvement within the framework of a participatory and integral scenario.

The Policarpa neighborhood, located in the south-east of the City of Cartagena, has approximately 900 homes with an average population of 3.8 inhabitants per dwelling (Projection DANE 2016), which is estimated to have a population of 3,500 residents.

It has the participation of several community organizations, as well as religious communities from different backgrounds; In this sense, it is important to highlight the active participation of the community in the processes of communal empowerment that seek to represent different sectors of the population (mothers head of household, youth, entrepreneurship groups, groups representing the elderly and cultural associations and environmentalists mainly).


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